AnonymousCulture's BIO

   AnonymousCulture, He's not just a rapper, he is a Culture. A fresh, energetic artist, with an in your face lyrical approach to writing music. Full of substance provided to him from Life experiences along with snappy attention grabbing hooks, AnonymousCulture's music promises to provide listeners with eargasms after eargasms and a plate of food for thought.


    Before he began rapping in his unique style, before he created his signature, empowering “I Am A Culture” brand, before he began dropping music videos and performing high energy shows for fans, AnonymousCulture was born in the gritty Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Dallas, TX. At the age of 2, his love for music began as he sat “play-rapping” on the living room floor while his cousin, Ill, practiced his DJ sets – scratching music into the night. From that point on music would be the love of young Culture.


    After a childhood of playing football and making beats with his brothers in the summers, he realized he had a gift by the time he entered high school. Choosing the name “Anonymous” because of his unique sound and later adding “Culture” because of his multicultural approach to making music.


 Soon after, AnonymousCulture created the official anthem for Deion Sanders’ youth football team the “The Truth”, titled “The Truth”, which was featured on “The NFL Network” as well as the UPN television network. He then began releasing videos for singles like, “Poster Boi”, “Last Call”, “La La La” and many others. Releasing these singles opened the opportunity for AnonymousCulture to take part in his favorite thing about being an artist, LIVE PERFORMANCES!


    AnonymousCulture has no intention of slowing down; he has been performing across the country - opening up for Mystikal, Dom Kennedy, Trae tha Truth, Tyga and many more. Performing in Canada, Mexico, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and his native Texas doing live set after live set. In 2014, he went under new management/partnership with

DC Cole of Flava TV &  HULK Entertainment and began working the

“I Am A Culture” project.


    The “I AM A CULTURE EP”, with no particular styles, no "one" genre set to stay in. Similar to a car that swerves lane-to-lane, AnonymousCulture switches music type from his day-to-day experiences. The "I AM A CULTURE" EP is sure to show the method behind this madness. This 10-song multi-genre EP shows AnonymousCulture's range, as well as his lyrical prowess and approach to making music. AnonymousCulture’s first single from the “I AM A CULTURE” EP “Baby”, is a song written by AnonymousCulture produced by Young Gem with STNRD featured on the hook. "Baby" is a all around fell good song made to inspire people of all races and color to dance, to encourage monogamy, to highlight true love or for people to remember when they first claimed their own Baby (person of endearment).


    In addition to the release of the EP, he is also featured on the new release of the HULK Entertainment Compilation Album Volume 1 with 3-featured tracks. These songs included his club rocker “Hunnit Bandz”, “Poster Boi” a tune that embraces his Texan roots, featuring a screw hook, or the high tempo, high energy track, “I Do My Thang”. AnonymousCulture only continues to build more and more momentum and fans on his climb through the ranks.   


   In the middle of all this, AnonymousCulture continues to empower youth and adults to embrace their own individuality through his “I Am A Culture” brand and if he has his way, it will not be long before fans across the country become a part of his “Culture”.


    Second to performing only, AnonymousCulture loves to spend time in the studio recording new music. Recording 2-4 songs a day, AnonymousCulture arrived for opening meetings with DC Cole with 165 songs recorded and ready to be released. Seeing no reason for his fans to wait any longer for new music AnonymousCulture has released over 30 multi-genre singles since the release of the “I Am A Culture” EP.  Now with the release of his "Annexation of Puerto Rico" album, title coming from one of his favorite childhood movies, "The Little Giants", AnonymousCulture said,  "Annexation of Puerto Rico was the name of the play the Little Giants called on the last play of the game to sneeze out the victory. I feel this complete body of work will be what ends the life (the game) I've known with a victory, my breakthrough project, my WINNING PLAY. Which opens the door to my next chapter of life”.  





Sounds like: Eminem, Jay-Z, Nelly, J Cole​